What I Did This Summer

It’s September and that means school’s back in session. That means the leaves are changing, the weather’s getting colder (bye, summer tan), and the, “What I did this summer?” questions are coming in.

From what I remember, whenever anyone asked me what I did over my summer vacation, I couldn’t help but say, “nothing, really.”

Everyone else seemed to spend the long, hot months of summer at camp, traveling, or working summer jobs. I, on the other hand, spent three months seeing how many TV shows I could watch and how many hours I could spend at the beach in one week.

I did have a lot of fun in the summer but my favorite part has always been the the slow pace of the summertime.

Here’s my What I Did This Summer essay.

bonfires are always mesmerizing, no?

Bonfires are always mesmerizing, no?

Now, my favorite part. S'mores

Now, my favorite part. S’mores.

Check out my S’more must-haves, here.

The finished product

The finished product.

The finished product.

Crunchy almonds, gooey marshmallow, and melting chocolate.

The view from the bonfire.

Mini adirondack chairs.

I spent the second half of my summer vacation as close to water as possible. Mostly, that meant near the hose. Sometimes, it meant there was an actual body of water involved.

Much better than the hose.

Much better than the hose.


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