Isabel Marant for H&M Jacket Dupe

I’ll be the first to admit that I was excited to get my hands on some of the stuff in the Isabel Marant for H&M collection. Especially the jacket. THEE jacket.


Dubbed by many fashion sites as The Jacket of the Year because it was worn by royalty, dj’s, actresses, bloggers, and everyone in between. That is, everyone would could afford a $400 jacket from H&M.


H&M Isabel Marant VIP Pre-Shopping Event At Fifth Avenue Store

My current hair crush. Round brushes work miracles.

Bethenny Hosts Tyson Beckford, Elizabeth Berkley, Val Chmerkovskiy

H&M Isabel Marant VIP Pre Shop Event

Shay Mitchell

Crown Princess Victoria And Prince Daniel Of Sweden Visit Cambridge


Side Note: That was what bugged me most about the Isabel Marant for H&M Collection. People who shop at H&M most likely don’t have $400 to spend on one statement piece. It seemed to me that the people who frequent H&M for their reasonable prices couldn’t buy the majority of the items in the collection.

As I was waiting for the collection to hit H&M to see everything, Forever21 had some pieces that were remarkably similar to some of the items in Marant’s collection. I’ll get to those later. None were similar to the aforementioned Jacket of the Year.

A few minutes ago I was browsing-in my world that means putting items in my cart that I want to buy but never will- some websites and found one that’s remarkably similar. I decided to make a quick post about it. Here it is.

I immediately noticed how similar the detailing on the shoulders was similar to the H&M one. Although the detailing isn’t as intricate as the Isabel Marant jacket because it doesn’t have the beads, I think it’s better because this one’s more washer friendly.

1380434814271195826 1380434815371880801 1380434815604367304

Here are a few Isabel Marant inspired pieces from Forever21 that I mentioned earlier.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 4.04.55 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 4.09.56 PM

This sweater looks the closest to the sweaters in Marant’s H&M collection. The price won’t make you fall off of your chair, which is an added bonus. Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 4.03.39 PM

I’ll be doing a few food posts soon. Let’s face it. There are only ten people who follow my blog and I’m pretty sure they all only do for the pictures of food. They’ll be more of those coming soon!

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