Pesto Pepper Egg Bagel Sandwich Recipe

I love bagels.

I love sandwiches.

I LOVE bagel sandwiches.

Naturally, putting the two together is one of my favorite things to do.  This particular bagel sandwich has eggs on it but that doesn’t mean it has to be eaten for breakfast. I often eat it for lunch. Go crazy! Eat it for dinner.


This isn’t the the most photogenic sandwich but I promise it delivers. The beauty of this sandwich is that there’s no measuring involved and you can make about a hundred different variations. My favorite combos include avocado, turkey, and poached eggs.


First, toast your bagel thin. I prefer bagel thins to traditional bagels because they’re more crunchy when they’re toasted. This isn’t a hard and fast recipe so feel free to use whatever you prefer.


They really are thin.


These are the magic ingredients, pesto and veggie cream cheese. I’ll put pesto on just about anything. Put in on pizza and you’ll never want to eat pizza without it again. The veggie cream cheese gives it an extra layer of flavor.


Once your bagel is nice and golden brown load it up with pesto and cream cheese.



You think I’d be embarrassed about the amount of cream cheese I slathered on my bagel? No, not in the least.


Then toast your peppers. You don’t have to use yellow. I used those because that’s what I had on hand.


Once your peppers are brown on the edges, fry two eggs. For me, the hardest part about this process is cooking the eggs but not overcooking them. Part of the reason why I enjoy this bagel sandwich so much is that I get to dip the bagel in the yolk. Overcooking the eggs ruins that glorious experience.


Once your eggs are cooked, slide them on top of your bagel. Make sure you coat your pan with butter or use a non-stick pan so they come out easily.


Pesto Pepper Egg Bagel Sandwich Recipe

1 Everything Bagel Thin

Sliced Peppers

Veggie Cream Cheese


2  Eggs

Note: Timing is everything. Don’t toast your bagel until your eggs are done. You don’t want a cold sandwich.


Unlike my eggs.


Not very pretty but still good.


I ate mine on the couch, while watching the premiere of Sherlock. The perfect lunch.



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