Search Like a Pro

I spend a lot of time scouring the Internet, mostly eBay, for clothes, discounted beauty items, pretty much anything.



I’m one of those people who gets sucked in by tv shows. If I see a character with something on that I like, I’ll spend the next few days scrolling through page after page on eBay looking for a specific item.




Remember this sweater Serena wore on Gossip Girl?

I think it’s one of her and Blair’s most memorable fashion moments.

I’ve been looking for the Nanette Lepore Symphony cardigan since that episode aired.

I’m embarrassed to say how many years ago that was when I first saw her wear that sweater. Since then I’ve been periodically checking eBay. I’ve found a few but they weren’t in my price range. Then finally, I found it!

And it was reasonably priced.

I bid on it and hoped that no one else would outbid me. I get unusually nervous when I bid on items. Does that happen to anyone else? I’m filled with buyer’s remorse and start to panic that I didn’t read the description carefully enough.

The auction ended and I won! I couldn’t believe it. The sweater came in the mail and I immediately tried it on. If only I had Blake Lively’s hair to go with the sweater…


What I’ve learned after years of buying and selling items is this;



Go to the source.

For example, when I was searching for the cardigan from Gossip Girl, I first found out the brand. It can be difficult, depending on how old item is, or if it’s from a TV show or movie, to ID it. It might take you a while to find but it’s worth it.



Think of every possible way someone could describe an item.

Continuing with the Nanette Lepore cardigan example, I would search, “Gossip Girl” + “Nanette Lepore” + “sequin.”

I would alter the search by changing “sequin” to “embellished” or leave out the Gossip Girl part because a seller may not know that the item was worn on that show.

Another way to change your search and be even more thorough is to search for “Blake Lively” or “Serena Van Der Woodsen.” The whole point is to cover all of your bases.

I’ve noticed that some people may describe a dress as a tunic or use words like embellished or embroidered interchangeably. It’s all about trying everything because you never know what keywords someone used to describe an item.



Be diligent and patient. It took me five years (!) of searching eBay to find the Nanette Lepore cardigan and buy it.

Five freaking years.

I must have too much time on my hands or have an obsessive personality. In the end, I’m happy and will love the cardigan for ever and ever.

I’ve found a good number of items on eBay from TV shows.

It’s all about continuing to search for the item in various ways. Ebay has a feature where you can save searches so you don’t have to keep typing in the same thing if you search for it often. That might be helpful if you’re looking for older/rare items.


OTHER Search Tips:

For stores like Topshop and ASOS, don’t be afraid to use the United Kingdom’s version of Ebay. ASOS and Topshop are both British companies, so there’s more options on the UK site. I also use it for buying makeup from Bourgois, Sleek, and Rimmel. It’s great if you’re searching for Kate Moss for Topshop items too. They have way more stuff at cheaper prices.

It may be a pain at first having to convert dollars to pounds but that’s easily fixable with the Google converter. On the plus side, I’ve learned that in the UK, shirts are called vests and one piece bathing suits are called swimming costumes.
Recently, I found the Moschino Cheap and Chic shoes Serena wears in the photo above on eBay. To my disappointment they’re a size 6.5.




My loss is your gain. Check them out here.

I hope my tips were helpful. Let me know what your search tips are in the comments section and tell me about the great finds you’ve come across!


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