The D.I.A. and Kate Moss


While flipping through the pages of Vogue a few months ago, I read an article about fashion photographer Bruce Weber’s upcoming exhibit featuring Detroit.


Two weeks ago (sorry I’m so behind on posting) I went downtown to the Detroit Institute of Arts.

I’ve spent many Friday nights at the DIA roaming the halls and watching art students sketch paintings before my friend and I decorated pumpkins or venetian masks.


After walking up the marble steps through the arched doors you see high ceilings with an intricately designed ceiling. Everyone can’t help but look at the ceiling for a few minutes.


After gawking at the architecture of the building itself and not so much the art in the first room, we went to the next room where more events are held. On both sides of the room there is a mural of Detroit auto workers.


This room also has a glass ceiling so the sun shines through.

Now it was time to see the art.


Picasso self portrait.

It took us a few wrong turns and two museum docents to find Picasso’s work.  We were suffering from a blue period (see what I did there?) and left in search of other art.




What amazes me is that you can get inches away from paintings.


You can see every detail, every stroke.




Stain glass from a Frank Lloyd Wright house

We finally made it to the Bruce Weber exhibit.





I was shocked to see so many photos of Kate Moss.



I took a few pictures with my phone before someone told me that we weren’t allowed to take any pictures. I stuffed my phone into my purse and tried to take a mental picture of every picture.


What did you think of the Bruce Weber exhibit?



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